Dr Elie Kassabian, Vascular Surgeon

Specialist in Phlebology and Vein Surgery: Treatment of venous disease and their related disorders, including spider veins, small telangiectasia, dilated veins, leg swelling and venous insufficiency problems.


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Varicose Veins: Disease of the Century

Varicose Veins is a very common disorder. It affects mainly women (as much as 30%) but the incidence is increasing among men. Specialists in Europe and North America believe that every woman will seek a medical advice for her leg veins, at least once in her life. Varicose veins and their symptoms are a direct result of the current lifestyle of the population: Frequent standing, frequent sitting, direct heat exposure, pregnancy, heavy weight lift, lack of sports, obesity and long-distance flights (swelling of the ankles is very frequent). It is also obvious that some occupations may favor the development of varicose veins: Nurses, doctors, teachers, secretaries, hairdressers, flight attendants, the military and desk jobs. Genetic predisposition is also a well-known factor. Spider Veins are the most common form of the disorder. But bigger and dilated veins are a source of concern.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Legs

Medical Treatment

Medications (tablets or pills) strengthen the wall of the superficial veins and allow a better venous contraction, thus improving the upward movement of the blood in the legs.

Laser Treatment

The Vascular Laser is a revolutionary technique aimed at treating the spider veins in a more rapid way and to give faster results when faced with a truly esthetic demand.


Sclerotherapy or “Liquid sclerotherapy” is the most common practice for the treatment of spider veins. It is the injection of a special product in the small veins to close them.

Endovenous Saphenous Ablation Procedures

These revolutionary techniques have completely changed the surgical approach of varicose veins. They have become a true alternative to surgery.


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