Varicose veins

Varicose veins

Normally, veins should not be visible on the skin. When varicose veins start to appear, this reflects a problem in the venous circulation, a condition referred to as Superficial Venous Insufficiency. Under the influence of many factors, the blood flow becomes slower in the leg veins, and their pressure increases. These veins grow larger and become visible as varicose veins. Spider veins may be only of cosmetic concern but dilated varicose veins may cause serious complications.

Medical treatment

Medications (tablets or pills) strengthen the wall of the superficial veins and allow a better venous contraction, thus improving the upward movement of the blood in the legs.

Laser Treatment

The Vascular Laser is a revolutionary technique aimed at treating the spider veins in a more rapid way and to give faster results when faced with a truly esthetic demand.


Sclerotherapy or “Liquid sclerotherapy” is the most common practice for the treatment of spider veins. It is the injection of a special product in the small veins to close them.

Endovenous Saphenous Ablation Procedures

These revolutionary techniques have completely changed the surgical approach of varicose veins. They have become a true alternative to surgery.