The treatments are ambulatory (Sclerotherapy, Heat and Laser), and the patients can easily resume a normal daily activity without the need to rest. Additional instructions may need to be followed according to each case.
Treatment of spider veins is aimed mainly to clear the unwanted skin veins and do not necessarily address the symptoms of venous insufficiency. Heavy legs, swelling, pain and other signs are separately treated with medications and stockings.
A mild degree of pain may be felt during the procedure, but the sessions are very well tolerated by all patients. Pain usually results from the needles punctures and also during Laser impulses. But the feeling rapidly resolves once the session is over.
To avoid adverse effects such as skin damage, we do not recommend treating the leg veins in the sunny and hot season (months of July & August). For best results, a certain delay should be respected before sun exposure.
Medical stockings are prescribed according to each case. Appropriate sizing should also be determined. To meet your requirements, all major stocking brands are directly delivered to our clinic by their company representative.