Endovenous Saphenous Ablation Procedures

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Endovenous Saphenous Ablation Procedures

These revolutionary techniques have completely changed the surgical approach of varicose veins. They have become a true alternative to surgery. They are performed under local anesthesia. The operating room needs simple and minimal preparations and the patient is discharged home a little while after the procedure. Normal daily life including active work is allowed within 4 to 5 days after the procedure. Unlike surgery, the saphenous vein is treated and left in place in the leg. It becomes fibrotic and serves no more. A probe is introduced in the saphenous vein and treats it via the endo-venous way. The procedure is guided by vascular ultrasound which ensures that all the segments of the vein are treated, and the result is verified on the spot. The Endovenous Ablation can be achieved through the use of many devices. Endovenous Laser and Endovenous Radiofrequency treat the saphenous vein with a heating probe. Endovenous Glue delivers a specially designed glue that seals the saphenous vein from the inside. Of course, the choice of the procedure is made by your doctor according to your case.